Since the creation of the Internet, the availability of pornography in and outside of the United States has risen exponentially. There are advocates within the Sex-Positive Movement, a movement encouraging sexual freedom and expression with a consenting partner or with one’s own body, to support pornography. Some argue that watching or making pornography is a method of sexual expression, and that if someone is aroused by porn, they should be able to watch it as a form of sexual exploration. Others claim that this outlook discounts the aspects of pornography that remain non-consensual. Everyday, men and women are forced to videotape themselves having intercourse for the pleasure of others and with little or no pay. There is a large population of sex workers who choose to create pornography and find a sense of empowerment within it, however individuals partaking in porn by choice and who are paid significant sums for their efforts amount to a small minority. The small minority of men and women who consensually engage in making pornography does not mask the majority who are coerced into the industry, below the age of consent, or have few or no other options but to work in a business that determines how they are allowed to express themselves sexually.

Pornography in America has become a multi-billion dollar business. Because of this, sex workers in pornography are forced to higher expectations as the viewers grow tired of the latest fad. The increased availability of porn has the potential to harm the sex workers emotionally and physically whose employers value them less as porn raises in popularity. Porn can be detrimental to not only the workers, but the viewers, who suffer psychological repercussions from constant access to exaggerated and often brutal sex. It is necessary that more options are created for those interested in pursuing a career in the sex industry in order to abolish human trafficking within and outside of the major corporations.


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